24 Can’t-Live-Without Baby Items to Watch for on Amazon Prime Day 2019

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Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner (technically it should be “DayS” since the event runs takes place on Monday July 15 & 16, 2019, but that’s neither here nor there). With this two-day parade of deals on the horizon, it got me thinking about my favorite, can’t-live-without baby items. Amazon notoriously doesn’t publish their deals ahead of time, so this list isn’t a list of things you’ll definitely be able to snag a deal on; however, since they’ve been such great items for us, I wanted to share just in case! And if they aren’t on sale for Prime Day then you can at least add them to a registry ?

Foot Travel

The City Select Stroller (or the City Select Lux if you’re looking for a nicer fabric)

Part of the reason I love this stroller is because it will be adaptable as our family grows. We had numerous friends who have had multiple kids tell us how much they wish they had gotten this stroller in the beginning. You can buy it like a “normal” stroller, with one seat, or you can purchase it with two seats. In addition to being able to use this as a double stroller you can also buy a glider board for those toddlers that want to be able to give their legs a break (without you needing to carry them). So really, you could cart 3 kids around with this one stroller!

** If you get this stroller AND the Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat, the two are not compatible and you will need to buy and adapter. I would not recommend purchasing the adapter through Amazon because, as I learned from experience, the one they list as being compatible is not. Instead, I’d recommend getting the adapter through Buy Buy Baby or elsewhere.

Baby Jogger Parent Console

This console is terrific for carrying your keys, waterbottle, hand sanitizer, and whatever additional odds-and-ends you may need to have easily accessible.

Ergobaby Carrier

This is a great carrier, allowing you to easily walk around with your child attached to your chest or back. I find it most useful when Little Man is feeling extra snuggly and I still want to get things cleaned up around the house. I consider it a must have baby item because I can’t get enough of those sweet baby snuggles!

Boba Baby Wrap

This definitely takes a little bit of a learning curve, but YouTube has lots of video tutorials regarding how to wear this so your baby is safe. I loved having my wrap on as I did things around the house (even if I was just grabbing lunch) while Little Man was a newborn. It allows a much snugger hold than the Ergobaby Carrier.

Car Travel

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat

We have been really happy with this well-rated brand. The infant car seat easily pops in and out of the base, which helped with getting a sleeping baby into the house or clipped into the stroller undisturbed!

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Convertible Car Seat

This car seat is so easy to install (it literally just clicks in over the seatbelt). We’ve only been using it for a couple of months so far, but I love that it will continue to be a great seat for him as he grows.


Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

When our little one was a newborn we had this setup in our downstairs living room. It was where we spent the most amount of time and it let me avoid using the stairs too often right after I gave birth. Now that Little Man is too large for the napper and changer portion, it continues to be useful as a crib when we all go out of town.

Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack

I LOVE this sleep sack. It is a soft, lightweight, cozy material. It snaps at the shoulders and zips across the bottom and continues up the side, making it incredibly easy to get him in and out. Not is it incredibly comfortable and functional, it’s weighted chest was a LIFESAVER during his four month sleep regression. During that regression it was definitely a can’t-live-without baby item this year! This very slight weight seemed to comfort him so that he didn’t wake up as often, which is always a win for this momma.

WubbaNub Pacifier

Our kiddo had no interest in pacifiers early on, but when he started teething he changed his tune. They really helped him to self-soothe when he was on his own in the crib. The main problem we found, though, is that the majority of pacifiers easily fell through the slots of his crib. The WubbaNub, however, has a variety of options with cute little animals attached. These adorable attachments make them significantly less likely to accidentally fall through the slots.


Bumbo Multi Seat

This seat is terrific. We love to bring it with us on road trips because a little tray hides in the back and can be popped out and used as a meal tray. A seat belt also keeps your kiddo secure (though definitely keep an eye on him or her) and the chair can be used as a normal seat at playtime or as a meal chair.


Angelcare Baby Bath Support

We bought this instead of a large baby tub and it has worked wonderfully since Little Man was a newborn. It sits nicely in a regular tub and has been great as he has grown. Even now he occasionally prefers it to sitting up.


This is a great snot-sucker!

Nail Frida

I can’t live without these clippers. Seriously, I REALLY love these nail clippers. I’m too anxious to cut my dogs’ toenails, but I have no hesitancy in clipping a squirmy baby’s fingernails with these. They are designed so it is nearly impossible to cut his skin, but they still get close enough to keep his nails short enough to keep him from getting scratched.


Diaper Genie (don’t forget to grab bags!)

We ended up getting one of these from a friend who walked into our house and decided to buy one for us. Apparently the trash can we had been using wasn’t keeping the smell down like we thought. Learn from our embarrassment — buy a Diaper Genie! I’ll consider it one of our 2019 top most embarrassing stories. But we got this must-have baby item, so it wasn’t all bad!

Diaper Cream Brush

My husband thought this was an unnecessary purchase, and to be honest, I did too at first. But this has become a can’t-live-without baby item when our little one has had diaper rash. Its hard enough to diaper a squirmy baby, but without this brush I was covering his squirmy legs and reaching hands with Desitin. For a couple of dollars, I definitely recommend this brush.

Bumbo Contoured Baby Diaper Changing Pad

When I was first building our registry I had placed a regular foam changing pad with cloth covers on the list. Then a friend recommended this product instead. Why? Because its easy to wipe down when there are messes (and there will be) and you don’t have to scramble to clean a changing pad cover every time there’s an accident. I will note that it isn’t a very long changing pad, so at this point his legs do hang off, but we haven’t found this to be an issue.


Medela Pump in Style Advanced, Double Electric Breast Pump

As a working, breastfeeding mom, I rely heavily on my pump. This pump is easy to use and has worked well for me over the last 10 months. You can use it by plugging it in or by using the battery pack. You can find my other pumping recommendations for the working mom here.

Medela Hands Free Pumping Bra for Double Pumping

This makes pumping hands free incredibly simple.


Dishwasher Basket

This is a great way to clean your bottle lids and smaller pump parts in the dishwasher. It keeps them from mingling with the rest of your dishes or dropping into the bottom.

Baby Bottle Brush

I like the OXO brand much better than Munchkin brand, which tears. It is larger, though, so while it fits smaller bottles, it doesn’t fit great.

Baby Bottle Drying Rack

We have ours set up on a shelf, so it is set aside exclusively for baby bottles/ utensils.

Meal Time

Comotomo Baby Bottle

We struggled a lot when getting Little Man comfortable with taking a bottle. After a lot of trials, though, he decided he liked these bottles. Since he started going to daycare this year, baby bottles were a must have item for us in 2019.

Graco 7-in-1 Convertible High Chair

You can spend a lot of money on a high chair, but I love this one. The cloth parts come off allowing us to wash them frequently. It is also supposed to convert as he has different needs, such as the need for a booster instead of a high chair.

OXO Tot 2-Piece Waterproof Silicone Roll Up Bib

We received a couple of different types of bibs, but these are by far our favorite. They are soft at the top around his chest and neck, but there is a rubber pocket toward the bottom that it structured enough to easily catch food that misses his mouth. I love it because it wastes less food (just empty it back onto the high chair table so he can continue eating). He loves it because he can reach into the pocket and feed himself from it!

We own a lot of baby items, unfortunately. A LOT of baby items — everything from toys to gadgets to “make our lives easier.” I suppose this kind of comes with the territory of having the first grandbaby in a larger family. But of all of our items, I consider these items to be the Prime 2019 must have baby items.

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