Find the Best Gift for a 2 Year Old Boy – 2020 Gift Guide for Your Toddler

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Toddlers are notorious for having short attention spans. So grabbing the best gift for your 2 year old boy might seem a bit daunting (trust me, I know)! Especially if you’re trying to balance getting him something he’ll love (and play with consistently), with not overcrowding your space with more stuff. I totally get that.

Our son just turned 2 a couple of months ago, so we had to deal with these questions for his birthday and now we’re going through the same ones again for Christmas.

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20 of the Best Gifts for the 2 Year Old Boy in Your Life

Busy Board 

A busy board is great if your kiddo loves to work through problems such as how to operate a zipper, threading shoelaces, or opening and closing latches. Basically everything your kid wants to do in order to dismantle your home, but all in one concentrated (and fairly indestructible) place.

Balance bike and helmet

My son received this balance bike on his second birthday and he is obsessed with it. Every time we go out for a walk he wants to “ride” it. It makes walks take a bit (ok, a lot) longer, but the bike is a lot of fun for him. Something to keep in mind, however, is that even though your kid’s feet will remain on the ground the entire time they use a balance bike, falls still happen. So you’ll want to grab a helmet that fits them as well.

Massive dump truck

We have ten billion trucks in our house (give or take – probably), but this truck is probably our son’s favorite. Don’t tell him, but he could absolutely fit in the dumper. The thing is enormous and life-like. So if your son loves dump trucks, this is by far the best truck I’ve seen.

Dyson vacuum

My son loves to clean. And he loves to vacuum. Usually he just uses this toy that is shaped like a vacuum to mimic us as we vacuum the house; but if you want to go for something that looks more like a real vacuum (and actually has suction), there is an exact replica of a Dyson vacuum for that reason. And as an added bonus, the Dyson toy vacuum is really reasonably priced!

Excavator Crane

If you have a sandbox (or just get a lot of snow) and have a 2 year old boy who loves cars, trucks, and things that move, this gift is a lot of fun! You can purchase this excavator crane with or without wheels (depending on if you want your kid to be mobile while operating it) and the crane scoops and swivels.

Basketball hoop

If you’re looking for the best gift for your 2 year old boy, he may really enjoy this basketball hoop. This hoop has an adjustable pole and it comes with three very lightweight, plastic basketballs. The hoop itself is fairly lightweight, but the base can easily be filled with sand to give it a more solid foundation.


Slides are so popular that they seemed nearly impossible to find (trust me, I tried) when this pandemic hit. A slide is a great way to get your kid’s energy out while they’re having fun. As an added bonus, many slides can be set up inside or outside, depending on your space limitations and preferences.


If the 2 year-old boy in your life loves animals (like mine does), then these animals make a great gift. Small, but not too small, they don’t take up a ton of room. And you can gradually expand his collection with different animal additions!

Pikler Climbing Gym

I don’t know about you, but my kid gets board with the same things every single day. It’s made this whole quarantine experience extra difficult. But one of the great options you have as a present for an active 2 year-old is a climbing gym. These can usually be purchased with a couple of different add-ons, such as rock climbing walls, slides, and railings that can be maneuvered into different designs. Essentially, it can be a totally different climbing gym every time your kids want to play on it!

Play kitchen

If you’re kid is all about emulating mommy or daddy, a play kitchen may be right up his alley! My son received a hand-me-down once his cousins were done with theirs. In recent months he has loved running to his kitchen and cooking with all of his pots, pans, and assorted fake foods. Pretending to cook, especially when he can get a friend or family member to play pretend and eat up all his cooking, can be a lot of fun for everyone.


If the 2 year old boy in your life loves forts (like mine), but you don’t feel like having your living room dismantled and every blanket in your home used as props, a teepee might be a great middle-ground! This gift can be stored away when not in use, or you can leave it up as a fun nook to read books or play pretend!

Potato heads

If your kiddo likes putting things together and taking them apart, being silly, or just likes seeing how different things can be put together then Potato Heads may be a great option for your 2 year old! My toddler loved getting potato heads as a gift and our playroom is regularly overrun by various potato head appendages. You know, until its time to clean up.


Mega Blocks and Duplos are both good options for your 2 year old. Though Duplos require a bit more precision when putting the blocks together. This could mean they’ll hold your toddler’s attention until they reach an appropriate age for Legos – or it could mean that they lose interest because, as a toddler, they become easily frustrated.

Ball Pit

Toddlers love to make messes. So at least a ball pit is a self-contained mess (and your kiddo won’t even realize you’re trying to contain their mess)! Just don’t forget the balls too!

Ride On Car

If you’re looking for the best gift for a 2 year old boy, you may want to consider a car. Of course, the cars and dump trucks are a hit. But something they can ride on? An all-time favorite. You can splurge on a battery powered car (or truck!) or go with the foot-powered version.

Lawn Mower

This goes back to mimickry. Having the tools to duplicate the adults in his life with a life-like lawn mower is likely a big hit with the 2 year old in your life!

Outdoor Play Dome

I know when this pandemic first hit, a lot of parents were looking to add outdoor playground equipment to their yards if they could. And for a long time a lot of those types of things were sold out. If you’re still thinking about adding something like that to your yard, a dome climber may be a great addition to your yard.

Learning Tower

If you have a little helper who wants to be involved in all of your meal prep and cooking projects, a learning tower is one of the best gifts you could grab for the 2 year old boy in your life. My son is so excited every time I pull his learning tower over to the kitchen counter when I’m cooking meals. Whether he is actually helping or just snacking and make a bit of a mess.

The Nugget

The Nugget couch seems to be an obsession for both parents and toddlers – regularly sold out nearly as soon as they restock. So if you think you might want to get one for the 2 year old in your life, you may want to consider setting an alert for restocks.

Aqua Doodle Mat

If the toddler in your life is an artist, you may want to check out an Aqua Doodle Mat. And an added bonus? Its mess-free!

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