Not Sure What to Get Her? 12 Christmas Gifts for the New Mom

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Christmas is coming! I love this time of year. Its my second year as a mom, which has been so great. But over the last year plus, I have figured out a few things that I really love. Mostly, I really love items that are versatile, comfortable, and items that let me seem more put-together than I actually am. So these Christmas gifts for the new mom all fit into those categories.


These shoes are great, though definitely pricey. When I was gifted a pair of Rothy’s a year ago, my husband couldn’t believe anyone would pay so much for a pair of shoes. But so far, he’s actually come around to thinking they’re a good buy. I have two pairs and I wear one or the other nearly every single day and they still look brand new. Despite being made out water bottles (yay for recycling!), they are incredibly comfortable. But the biggest reason they’re great Christmas gifts for a new mom is that they versatile and easy to clean. I’ve literally worn them to work, accidentally stepped in mud while picking my son up from daycare, threw them AND their insoles into the washing machine (not the dryer), and then wore them to work a day later (after they had air dried). The don’t look worn in or dirty. They literally look brand new. I can wear them dressed up or in a t-shirt and jeans. I love them!

Water bottle

If the new mom in your life is breastfeeding, she is going to be thirsty all of the time. A water bottle is an absolute necessity! I like this one because I tend to prefer using a straw, but if I pull the straw out, the lid closes and can be thrown into a bag without a mess. Plus, if my son gets ahold of the bottle I can remove the straw without making a mess before he pokes his (or my) eye out!

Gift Card for Spa, Workout Class, Dinner, Etc.

I really dislike giving gift cards for holidays and birthdays, but sometimes it’s a thoughtful addition. Especially as Christmas gifts for the new mom. Now, let me make one thing very clear here – this is an opportunity for mom to get out of the house and to do something she’ll enjoy. Please, please, please take that into consideration if you choose to gift her a giftcard.

In other words,DO NOT go for the workout class if she’s struggling with hating her body and her focus is going to be on “fixing” herself. DO get her a workout class if she has one she enjoys going to because it makes her feel good.

A spa treatment is another great option if she likes being pampered and just needs a break. Keep in mind, though, that if she’s breastfeeding a massage might not be the best option because the pressure of laying on her stomach (especially if she’s there during feeding time) she could end up with clogged milk ducts, which could lead to mastitis.

On the other hand, maybe she just misses friends and a warm meal. You know, one where she’s not in charge of making it and then letting it sit cold or dripping it on her nursing child’s head? In which case a gift card to her favorite restaurant may be in order.

Lily Jade

Full disclosure – I do not have one of these bags, but I do love to look at them. They’re beautiful, look like purses (and can be used as such), plus they convert into a backpack. But they’re diaperbags! So mom can have all of her essentials in a diaperbag, but a diaperbag that is both functional and beautiful!

Birthstone Necklace

I love this birthstone necklace. My husband gifted me a necklace with our son’s birthstone and his first initial and it is by far one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. It makes me think of my husband (since he gave it to me) and my son (for whom the necklace represents)!

Picture Frame

If the new mom in your life is going to be going back to a desk job (or has already gone back), chances are that she’s going to want to look at her sweet baby’s face any chance she can. I know I do. A picture frame (perhaps with her child’s picture already in it!) is a wonderful Christmas gift for the mom working an office job to keep on her desk. Even if she works in the home, having a picture of your baby on your nightstand is never bad placement either!

Bathtub tray

Sometimes a bath is the only break you can get. If the new mom in your life has been cleared to take a bath by her doctor, she may really enjoy a chance to take a nice long bath with a good book and a glass of wine. A bathtub tray is great for that.

Alexa Show

We have Alexas throughout the house (which is a contributing factor why our son now walks around screaming for Alexa when he wants music lol). If the new mom in your life enjoys trying new recipes, this may be a fun gift! For me, I like to catch up on some of my television shows while I’m cooking dinner, cleaning the kitchen, or prepping my son’s meals for daycare. It lets me get something in that I enjoy while getting tasks done that need to be done.


If the new mom in your life is a lover of books, but now lacks the time to get much in the way of actual reading done, this may be the perfect gift for her. When you subscribe you get free downloads and can search Audible’s library to make purchases as well.


I love this app. I’m a pretty anxious person and meditating using this app for just 10 minutes a day has seriously helped so much. You can purchase monthly, yearly, or lifetime subscriptions. If you’re not sure if this is the kind of Christmas gift for the new mom in your life that she’d enjoy, they also let you try it for 10 days first.


Let’s face it — sometimes a new mom doesn’t get around to cleaning her hair as often as she used to. A couple of cute headbands may help her feel a bit more put together on those otherwise unkept hair days.


I love slippers. Especially in the winter. Which makes them a perfect Christmas gift for a new mom.

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