Mom-Friend Date Ideas – Girl’s Night In After Baby

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After having my son I had a lot of lonely and frustrating evenings. It’s hard being a new mom – your world is wonderfully focused on this beautiful child who is wholly and completely reliant on you. And he or she will scream at you until they make that point clear – they own you. But sometimes, you just need to have some girl time. And honestly, for me anyway, there were no better mom friend date ideas out there than a good girl’s night in. Because I was not good at leaving the house, or my baby, in those first few weeks. But I also definitely needed that time to be refreshed with my friends.


6 Simple Mom-Friend Date Ideas for a Girl’s Night In

Wine and Cheese

One of my favorite, simple, low-key gatherings is over a glass (or more) of wine and some delicious food. Depending on how many friends you are gathering with, everyone could bring an item (or more) and everyone can share a glass of wine and an assortment of cheeses, fruits, veggies, or whatever else you can think of, or someone can buy the items and everyone pay them back. It’s a no-cooking-necessary, come straight from the grocery and/or liquor store kind of evening.

Something to be mindful of, if your mom friend date idea involves alcohol, is that the new mom may not be interested in drinking if she’s pumping and/or breastfeeding. If that might be an issue, it may be worth looking into booze-free mocktails or choosing a different way to spend your girl’s night in so that she doesn’t feel excluded.

Spa/ Pampering Night

I’m terrible at making time to pamper myself – my nails are rarely painted and I’m lucky if I throw on a face mask once a month. But a girl’s night in should be a time set aside for relaxing. A simple way to do that is just by gathering together with the items each of you already has at home that, to be honest, may not be getting the most use made of it. Gather nail polish and face masks and sit around talking. And if, for some reason, none of you own anything that fits your preferences? Well, there’s always Amazon Prime.

Another bonus to this spa mom friend date night idea is that it might give the new mom in your group the opportunity to feel a little more put-together than she may be feeling otherwise. Even in a 4 day-old t-shirt and unwashed hair, there is something that may feel revitalized by pampering herself a bit.


When in doubt, a good girl’s night usually involves food. And having dinner is a classic as far as mom friend date ideas go. I mean, everyone has to eat. And chances are, the new mom in your group’s eating schedule may be all out of whack with their new little bundle of joy. I know my meals were often cold and/or eaten rather awkwardly with one hand as I tried not to drop anything on my son’s head. And dinner can be something simple or more complex – someone could cook, or you can order out. You guys can even do a potluck and people can choose how they’ll contribute!

 Movie/TV Night

Let’s be real here – sometimes you want to be with people, but not really with people. You know? Get your girls to come over in their comfiest clothes and binge watch your favorite TV show or watch a movie. If Dad isn’t around to take care of the baby while you spend some time with your girls, or if you are still baby’s number one food source, you can still sneak off periodically with your baby or take care of her without missing out on any conversation.

Dessert Night

Whether you decide to eat dinner before getting together (your mom friends, so your date ideas need to take into consideration your other priorities) or decide to get together just for dessert – a quick, simple girl’s night in may simple be a dessert night. Bake or buy some dessert to share and just sit around – eating dessert and catching up. Even if its just for a half hour, the time together enjoying each other’s company will (hopefully) be relaxing, refreshing, and low-pressure.

Game Night

Maybe you just want to spend time with your friends and get your brain thinking, or your wit fired up. Or perhaps you want to interact with people but your brain is so overcome by baby stuff that you’re not sure you even remember how to have a conversation that doesn’t involve leaking breasts and baby poop. A game night may just be the best option for your mom-friend girl’s date night in. A good mixture of fun, conversation, and togetherness, without the pressure of providing fun, conversation, and togetherness.


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