Not sure what to give a new mom? 15 gift ideas for a new mom

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Let’s face it, the new mom in your life is probably struggling. 

She could use help.

Or pampering. 

Maybe a meal.

Or just a chance to relax alone. 

But moms are notorious for undervaluing our needs. And articulating the things that could be most useful (or enjoyable) for us.

Especially if the mom in your mind is a new mom — she’s probably not expressing to you the things she’d like or need at the moment.

Food and drink gift ideas for the new mom in your life:


A premade meal is always a good call when you’re trying to come up with something to give a new mom. Making dinner can be exhausting, so adding to her current exhaustion by cooking will likely be something she’ll happily give up for the evening. 

If you’re someone willing and able to cook for her, home cooked is great! If not, either a gift card or a meal ordered for her through a delivery service such as Postmates is always a good option.

If she enjoys cooking, but doesn’t have the energy for an elaborate meal (or likes to have more control over her meals), consider a Hello Fresh, Green Chef, or Blue Apron subscription. Services like these often accommodate various dietary needs/preferences and she can pick the meals she wants to make (ie. my husband has a gluten allergy, and Green Chef has more options than others for gluten-free meals). The meal options will also show her how much time making each meal should take as well, so she can pick shorter meals if she wants to cook, but doesn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen learning a new recipe. 


One of the best gifts we were given when we brought our second son home was a giftcard to Instacart. There are lots of grocery delivery options available, so you could purchase a giftcard to a local delivery service or grocery store. The nice thing about a grocery delivery gift for a new mom is that she can still purchase the things she wants/needs, but doesn’t have to leave her home. 

If she and her family have specific dietary concerns, a Thrive Market subscription may also be something she’ll enjoy.


Maybe you know her favorite wine, maybe you don’t. You could either drop off a bottle to her directly or get her a subscription from a company like Winc (which allows you to purchase a subscription for someone so that they can choose their own wine based on preference) or Wine Insiders (which has more options, but for which you have to pick specific wine boxes to gift). Subscription services allow her to pick from a large variety of wines and have them delivered to her door. 

If you want to get her wine along with something else, but aren’t sure what, VineOh! offers gift boxes that contain 2 bottles of wine as well as several fun products for her. 

Coffee maker

New mom sleep deprivation is no joke. A coffee maker (or espresso maker) may cut the edge and bring her a bit of joy each morning.

Decor and home items for the new mom:

Home Photo Printer

A home photo printer that allows her to print directly from her cell phone is a great gift idea, especially if the new mom in your life will be going back to work (but its great even if she is at home). Because she’ll want to print lots of photos.


A nice, luxurious set of sheets would make a great gift for the new mom in your life. Because even though she won’t get much sleep, it should be good sleep.


An essential oil diffuser provides a calming effect. 

Wearable gift ideas for the new mom:

Luxury Diaper Bag

Normally, I’m not a fan of buying something for baby under the guise of a gift for a new mom. These bags, however, are beautiful and super functional as diaper bags, but they also make nice bags for mom. 


Let’s face it, sometimes maternity leave means living in comfy clothes. Slippers are a great addition to this ensemble. 

Birthstone jewelry

If the new mom in your life likes jewelry, getting her a new piece with her baby’s birthstone on it may be the way to go. Alex and Ani offer a collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets with birthstones as well as the ability to order additional charms she can add (such as the birthstone of additional children or her spouse). 

Personally, I have gotten necklaces from this Etsy shop with each of my boys’ birthstones and their first initial, because I like the added touch of carrying their initial with me too. 

A Clean Home

The gift of a clean home is always a nice gift. But when she’s a new mom — sore, tired, and suddenly in charge of the survival of a new little person? A clean home becomes a great gift. It allows both parents to focus on other things, like food and enjoying their family, instead of keeping the house tidy.

Fun and relaxing gifts for new moms:

Amazon Prime membership

Great for diapers, and binge-watching shows (if she is up for it and has the time while on maternity leave). If she already has Amazon Prime, then a gift card to Amazon is also great. The only downside of it is that she may end up spending it on the baby instead of herself. 

Amazon Kindle

If the new mom in your life loves to read, a Kindle might be a great option. It’s an easy item for her to carry around and, if she’s trapped under a snuggly baby, it’s a nice option to have on hand to occupy her aside from her cell phone. 


If you’re looking to get a gift for a new mom, either a spa gift card, a trip out to the spa together, or spa products are all great options. Chances are, the new mom in your life is stressed, exhausted, and possibly feels a bit disheveled. A trip to get pampered is a nice gift idea, something just for her. 

Date Night In a Box 

Maybe you know how she’s doing with her husband, maybe you don’t. Either way, being a new mom can be hard on a marriage. A date night in a box may be a perfect gift for a new mom because she may be feeling disconnected from her husband and getting out of the house for date night might not be a great option.

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