Non-Toxic Makeup for Mom (and Everyone Else)

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Having a baby is amazing.

Motherhood is obviously exhausting and can be a difficult point of transition in life and in your relationships.

But it can also inspire you to grow in relationship with your husband (even if you’re constantly annoyed with him), recognize that you really do need some self-care, teach you to bargain shop better, and inspire you to make healthy and simple changes to your routine.

In the years before we decided to get pregnant, I began to really think about the products I was using on my body.

My personal hygiene items and my make-up options.

I wanted to be ready with healthy products for my home, my body, and equipped with non-toxic makeup for mom – simple and clean.

And since your skin absorbs some of what you put onto it, and because it is the body’s largest organ, I began really considering what I would be putting onto my body because some of that was bound to end up in my body.

I’ll be honest here… I have only transitioned to less toxic products if they work as good as the regular market products. To me, I will gladly pay a little extra to have a great product that was made considering things like sourcing, environmental impacts, and ingredients. But if that product doesn’t work as well as a big name brand, I’m going to continue to use the name brand. That is, until I find a non-toxic product that works just as well.

So, even though it took me several years, finally all of my make-up has transitioned to non-toxic options.


Not Sure How to Check Your Products?

One of my favorite and life-saving tools as I made this transition is the free app called ThinkDirty, which I highly recommend downloading if you’re interested in making the transition to non-toxic personal hygiene, beauty, baby, or household items.

ThinkDirty ranks the overall toxicity of a product’s ingredients and also provides you with a breakdown of how clean each individual product is. It explains what the ingredient is sometimes also known as, what its generally used for, any known health impacts, and is even going to be adding any warnings by regulatory agencies.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on ThinkDirty’s platform (or if you prefer just to look online rather than having to download an app), you can also check out the Environmental Working Group’s (“EWG”) website in order to determine how the product you’re looking at ranks. They also have a ton of other great resources for the environmentalist in you about how to make a lot of different changes and different things to be conscientious about in your everyday life including baby products, non-toxic makeup, and more.

Primer with SPF – Coola Dawn Patrol Classic Primer

Check out EWG’s ranking and more information here.

I absolutely LOVE this primer. This is the thinnest, lightest, most luxurious-feeling product I have ever put on my face. Seriously. It goes on so smoothly, and basically feels like your applying silk to your face. It is dermatologist tested and provides 30 SPF.

This particular scent smells a bit like cucumber melon. It is a light scent, but I didn’t notice it throughout the day – just when I was applying it.

The only thing I didn’t love about this product was the packaging – it comes in a glass bottle (which is great), but some of the product is hard to get out once you get to the end of it. If you own a makeup spatula– this is probably something worth using it on to get those last bits.

Color Correcting Cream with SPF – Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment Lotion

Check out EWG’s ranking and more information here.

I have a bit of rosacea – so my face naturally has a bit of a red-ish tint to it. Its something that I’ve always felt a bit self-conscious about and foundation itself doesn’t do a lot to neutralize the color. This product, like many for toning down red tones in your face, is green in the container. Almost like a green clay. However, when you apply it and rub it into your skin the color blends into a more beige color and seems to blend and adapt to the tone of my skin.

The product itself lasts quiet some time, and you really only need a tiny bit at the time of application.

Also, as a mom I feel like I never have time to do much to get ready in the morning. This often replaces my foundation and provides me with SPF protection. Any non-toxic makeup this mom can find that does double-duty is definitely a winner in my book.


Foundation/Concealer Stick – W3LL People Natural Narcissist Foundation + Concealer Stick

Check out EWG’s ranking and more information here.

I’m absolutely in love with everything I’ve tried by W3LL people. In terms of non-toxic makeup brands this mom LOVES , W3LL People is the absolute top of my list. Their quality is amazing, their prices are reasonable, and their products work so well.

This foundation comes in the form of a stick, which makes application incredibly easy. If that puts you off, however, they do also have tinted moisturizer (which I’ve never tried, but like I said, everything I’ve tried from this brand has been fantastic).

The foundation goes on a smooths easily. It feels light enough that I never feel like I’m clogging up my pores by wearing it and their website even shows you pictures of people so you can determine which shade would fit you best.

Pressed Powder – W3ll People Foundation Pressed Powder Bio Base

Check out EWG’s ranking and more information here.

This foundation powder works as well as any other powder that I have used that was not made by a brand aiming to reduce toxicity in their products. It blends well and lasts for quiet some time.

Eyeliner – W3LL People Natural Hypnotist Eyeliner or Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eye Liner

Check out EWG’s ranking and more information on W3LL People’s eyeliner here

*More information on Honeybees Garden eyeliner can be found on the ThinkDirty app

My two biggest issues with eye liner are usually that they apply really poorly or they fall apart (such as when I try to sharpen the pencil). These issues don’t seem to come up with either of these brands, which I consider to a win! Both the W3LL People and Honeybees Gardens eyeliners are among my favorite non-toxic makeup products and I’ve been happy with both of these eyeliner pencils. Usually, for me, it boils down to which one I can get at a better price when it is time to re-stock.

Mascara – W3LL People Natural Expressionist Mascara

Check out EWG’s ranking and more information here

Aside from some type of foundation, mascara is the only other makeup item that I basically wear every single day. Partially because without it my mom-side is showing with sleepy eyes and mascara makes me look (a bit) more awake. Before being a non-toxic makeup convert I always wore waterproof mascara. Well, unfortunately I have yet to find a single mascara in this non-toxic category that works well and is waterproof.

I’m still waiting, though.

Nonetheless, this mascara does tick off one of those boxes – it works really well. It applies really easily, doesn’t clump, and is long-lasting. I never look like a raccoon at the end of the day with mascara residue under my eyes, either.

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