Toddler Easter basket ideas your kid will love

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Little girl playing with Easter egs

Easter is right around the corner.

This means springtime, pastels, and Easter baskets!

I know that this past year has been pretty difficult on a lot of people. Including our kids. For me, that really incentivizes me to make sure my toddler’s Easter basket is extra special this year. 

But what can you do for a toddler’s Easter basket if you don’t want to overload them with sweets?

If you’re trying to figure out what kind of non-food items you can include with your toddler’s Easter basket, here are some fun ideas.

Ok, let’s start with the basket.

Sure, you can go with a standard Easter basket, but there are other options as well! Especially if you’re looking for an Easter basket idea that will do double duty.

Dump trucks are great options, especially if you have a car-loving kiddo like mine.

You can also open an umbrella and fill it while it’s upside down.

Sand bucket

Rain boots can be used as really cute and unique Easter baskets! Especially if you don’t plan on loading your kiddo up with lots of goodies.

Backpack or purse

You can even go with a soft Easter basket that resembles an animal.

Wearable Easter basket fillers


Summer is coming! If your toddler is in need of a new swimsuit…. why not think about including it in his or her Easter basket?



If your toddler is out of the “eat everything I’m not supposed to be eating stage,” then chapstick may be a fun idea for their Easter basket!



Bunny ear headband

If your toddler loves to dress up, a crown and wand are the perfect additions to their Easter basket.

Outdoor fun

Sidewalk chalk is always a lot of fun, and with warm weather coming its the perfect addition to your toddler’s Easter basket.

In our home, bubbles are always a hit.

Bubble machine

Beach shovel

Ideas for creative additions to your toddler’s Easter basket


Water Wow! booklets are a lot of fun. My son loves the one that he has. But there are a number of options available.


Crayola’s Color Wonder Mess Free Coloring Kit is great if you have a creative toddler, but he/she is not so great at keeping their coloring utensils off of things that aren’t paper.


A musical recorder

Matching card games

Dot markers are a lot of fun if you want your son or daughter to be able to unleash their creativity, but don’t want all of the mess that comes with paint and a paintbrush. They’re also great for those kids that like to stab their paper rather than scribble.



Bath Paint and Crayons to bring creativity to bathtime. And to make cleanup a bit easier on Mom and Dad!

Just for fun

Books! I love to add new books to my son’s bookshelf any chance I get, so it will probably be one of my favorite Easter basket ideas for toddlerhood and beyond. “Guess How Much I Love You” is one of our family favorites and, bonus, it features adorable bunny rabbits!

Bath light-up toys are a real hit at bath time.

In line with the holiday, The Rhyme Storybook Bible is a great addition to your toddler’s Easter basket!

Disney Duplos

If your toddler enjoys being involved when you’re cooking in the kitchen, a pancake mold is a fun addition to their basket! There are lots of different kinds, but we love the one with lots of animals!

Fun items to put into plastic Easter eggs

Now lets face it, filling an Easter basket is one thing. But what can you put into those plastic Easter eggs that isn’t candy?

Well, it largely depends on the size of the plastic eggs you’re using.

I personally prefer these eggs, since they’re larger than the standard Easter eggs. It allows you to have a larger variety of items you can fit into them.

Here are 10 items that will fit into Easter eggs for your toddler:

Wind-up chick


Hair clips

Water Growing Animals Capsules

Light-up bracelets

Finger puppets

Paw Patrol figures

Matchbox cars

Mini Playdoh

Mini dinosaurs

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