Welcome! My name is Sarah and I’m so grateful you’re here!

Being a first time mom is tough.

It’s overwhelming.

Juggling this new full time job, friendships, marriage, and taking care of you can seem impossible.

I get that!

And that’s why Snugglebug Life was created.

Here you’ll find tips, information, and encouragement during this crazy transition into parenthood.

I want you to feel encouraged—like you’re not alone! Because you’re not:

I get that breastfeeding can feel hard and overwhelming.

I get that introducing your baby to solid foods can feel like a big step. Something you just want to get right.

I get that marriage can feel strained after having a baby.

I get that being a working mom can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. Especially if you’d prefer to be home with your baby instead.

And I’m very familiar with feeling like there’s not enough time to care for yourself.

I get that you want to get it all right. To be a great mom. But I want you to know that You. Already. Are. A. Great. Mom! Recognizing that there’s a learning curve and searching out tools to help you is indicative of that.

And that’s why I’m here.

Some things I’m passionate about