10 Spectacular sibling gift ideas from your new baby

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Almost anytime you bring home a new baby there are lots of feelings coursing through your home: stress, anxiety, exhaustion, bliss, love, joy, confusion, pain.

It’s a super exciting time.

But if we focus on the excitement, then we may neglect to make sure we’re paying attention to all of those other emotions that are at play during this time.

And if our home and our minds are abuzz with all of these varying feelings and emotions — how much more prevalent must they be for our oldest child (or children)?

A new baby is a really big deal to them too.

Bringing home a new baby brother or baby sister is going to cause a big change for your first child.

One of the ways a lot of parents try to smooth that transition is by bringing home a new sibling gift for the older sibling(s) when bringing baby comes home from the hospital.

Giving the older siblings gifts from their new little brother or new little sister is a fun way to celebrate your growing family.

This also helps to make sure your child feels extra special as their world shifts to welcome a new addition.

Big sister snuggling new baby sibling
Big sister snuggling new baby sibling

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So what are some good big sibling gift ideas from baby?

A new baby! And look, big sister, this new baby already loves you so much they brought you a present!

Baby doll and baby doll carrier

Boys and girls alike just want to be like their parents. They want to be gentle and attentive like mommy and daddy.

A baby doll gives your child to mimic you when they watch you with their new sibling.

A doll gives you the chance to show your older child how they should be handling their younger sibling.

Not only does your big kid like to be like you, but when they can’t have your undivided attention (which they can’t), they can pretend to be like you instead.

Another great thing about this gift is that you have so many options. They’re are companies that literally make identical child-sized items for this exact purpose.

For example, I loved our Ergo to carry my children, but they also have a smaller version for baby dolls as well.

There are strollers, and carseats, cribs, carriers and so many options. You can purchase some items individually so that they look like the item you’re using (like the carrier), or you can buy more affordable combination gifts with several baby items bundled together.

Doctor items

These types of presents would be a great gift for most children during this time period.

Depending on what you’ve talked about with the older sibling, they may know that you’ve been around a number of doctor’s during your time away. So it may help them to make sense of your absence while you were giving birth if they can play doctor a bit when you come home.

Following your new baby’s birth, your child’s big brother or sister will also need to be very gentle with both of you, so having some doctor items on hand may encourage your child to tune into their extra gentle

Newborn babies have so many doctor’s appointments, so if your older child is going to be coming to some of these appointments with you,

Matching stuffed animals

If your child is particularly interested in stuffed animals, then a great option for sibling gift ideas from baby could be matching stuffed animals.

You could potentially purchase two of the same stuffed animals, but there are also places to purchase matching stuffed animals — one big and one small.

One of the great options for this is through Cuddle + Kind, which makes sibling gifts which are incredibly adorable options.

When your new baby arrives, he or she can have the small stuffed animal and the baby can “gift” the bigger stuffed animal to his/her big brother or big sister. 

As an added bonus, Cuddle + Kind provides 10 meals to children in need for each doll purchased.

Personalized book

As far as big sibling gifts go, this one is one of my favorites. 

Children’s books are always a personal favorite of mine for the kids in my life, but the personalization here is an extra special touch.

Its customizable to your new baby’s big brother or sister’s interests and can be a relationship builder, even detailing the many adventures the new siblings can experience together.

Hooray Heroes has great sibling gifts, but if you like the style of writing and imagery, they’re a fun gift for other family members as well.


Who doesn’t like taking pictures of a new baby?

So it stands to reason that your baby’s big sibling would love the ability to d0 the same thing with his or her new baby brother or sister.

This camera let’s your older kids take real pictures, just like everyone else.

Melissa & Doug Coffee Maker

If your postpartum experience was anything like mine, you may relish your coffee.

That sleep deprivation is very real, especially in the early days. So if your kiddo likes to mimic mom and dad, getting them a pretend coffee maker may help them to feel even more like they’re on your “team.”

It’s one of those big sibling gifts that’s fun, and a bit silly, but lets them be creative and demonstrate their new older sibling role.

Story teller

If your kid(s) love books and stories, the Toniebox is a bit of a splurge item compared to some of the others on this list, but its a great story telling tool that keeps your hands free.

This is a fun new sibling gift because you and your big kid can listen to stories together without having to hold a book (which is especially beneficial if you have your hands full with their new baby sibling).

This is great because you can add new stories featuring their favorite characters and you can even customize the stories by people your children love (like yourself, grandparents, etc.) telling the story.

Learning tower

This probably is a bit to cumbersome to bring home from the hospital, but its still a great gift for a big brother or sister! 

Honestly, now that my youngest is a bit older both of my boys absolutely love using their learning tower.

It’s a great tool so that your big kid can help you, particularly in the kitchen. But it also is a fun way for your older child to feel like they’re getting additional responsibilities and perks. 

Little girl making muffins in kitchen
Little girl making muffins in kitchen

Matching pajamas

If your child loves clothes, matching, or pajamas then matching pajamas could be a really fun new sibling gift for the big brother or big sister in your family.

There are a lot of great places that you can purchase matching outfits, but Hanna Anderson is one of my personal favorites. Not only is the material incredibly comfortable and durable, Oeko-Tex certified (yay for no weird chemicals!), and they even have adult matches (you know, if you ALL want to wear matching pjs). 

Big brother and sister with baby in matching pjs playing trains
Big brother and sister with baby in matching pjs playing trains

Your child’s favorite toy

No one knows this better than you — so you have the benefit here of making your child feel extra special and appreciated by acknowledging their own interests. 

New sibling gifts don’t have to be elaborate or even especially focused on their role as a big brother or big sister. 

They don’t know that the new baby doesn’t have any sense that a new truck is “exactly what they’ve always wanted!”

The only thing they know is that they got something that is really special to them because their new baby loves them and wants them to be happy.

So if you’re incredibly stressed about getting the perfect gift for your child moving out of only child status and into their new role as a big sister or brother, then go simple.

Pick a toy or activity that you know your older child will enjoy and just say that it came from the new baby. 

Boy and mom playing with yellow cars
Boy and mom playing with yellow cars

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