Where to find matching pajamas for your family this holiday season

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It’s nearly matching pajama season, and if you’re in the market for the right pair for your family I’ve got you covered! 

Whether you’re looking to matching kids pjs or a matching set for the whole family, here are a few places where you should have no problem finding something fun, comfortable, and picture-worthy for the whole crew!

Whether you’re in the market for some cozy pajamas in time for Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, or another fun holiday, these places have an assortment of choices at various price points, patterns, and color pallets.

Kids in matching striped pjs in front of Christmas tree
Kids in matching striped pjs in front of Christmas tree

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Hanna Anderson

If you’re in the market for matching pajamas, chances are you’ve heard of Hanna Anderson

Yes, a lot of influencer’s love them, BUT it’s actually for a good reason.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been burned by a couple of highly touted “influencer favorites,” but these clothes (not just their matching pajamas) are awesome. 

In fact, my first introduction to Hanna Anderson pjs were from some hand-me downs that were actually still in excellent condition.

Their clothes are incredibly soft and durable, not to mention they’re made from organic materials and are so nice looking! 

Our family did the matching pajama thing last year when they came out with a set featuring The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (my husband’s favorite Christmas flick and our family’s yearly tradition movie).

Hanna Anderson offers tons of options including fairly neutral pieces (such as stripes or polka dots), scenic patterns (like trees or whales), character pieces (such as Batman or Sesame Street), and more.

And the best part? You can usually snag these cute and comfy pieces (and other, non-matching pajama pieces) at a discount!


If you’re on the lookout for some cute, comfortable pjs that won’t break the bank – Target has you covered. 

They don’t have the fun trademarked characters that some of the other places on this list have to offer, but you have lots of options to choose from and all at an affordable pre-sale price! 

Most of the options here are a little more generic (think flannels, stripes, and simple patterns), but they do have some other options thrown in there most of the time as well.

Plus, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll be able to check some of these out in person a little easier than you could at some of the other options on this list.

Matching family in pajamas on Christmas
Matching family in pajamas on Christmas

Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids has some very cute options.

They range from cute and understated color patterns to bold, fun colors. 

If you’re looking to do something character or theme-related, they have some great options at Pottery Barn Kids. 

They carry fun classics (like Peanuts and Mickey Mouse), bold favorites (like Lily Pulitzer), comfy classics (such as plaid and checkered patterns), as well as storybook themes (including Where the Wild Things Are and Harry Potter).

Now, before you get your hopes up, you have to check a lot of these outfits before getting your heart set on them. Several of the options on Pottery Barn Kids’ website are matching, but they’re only for kids.

They do have several sets that are available to provide matching pajamas for the whole family, but some of the sets available are only sibling sets (sorry, Mom and Dad).

Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies has some notoriously soft pajamas because they’re made from the viscose of bamboo making them soft and hypoallergenic. 

Not only are these pajamas incredibly soft and comfortable, their zip-up footie pjs for your littlest family member have fold-over mittens and foot cuffs, to keep baby cozy. 

Not only are their pajamas adorable, and fun prints for the whole family, they’re also a fairly reasonable price, landing somewhere between Hanna Anderson/Pottery Barn Kids and Target on this list. 

Again, here you can find a variety of options including movie characters (such as Star Wars and Frozen), fun designs (such as sporting equipment or bananas), more mainstream designs (including tie-dye and camo), but they also have some plain colors for the family to match in as well.

Burts Bees

Burts Bees Baby carries an assortment of what they call “famjams” that allow you to sort by holiday. They lack simple patterns or solids, but they do have a variety of patterns including spider webs under the Halloween section and flamingos with palm trees lined with Christmas lights under the Christmas & Hanukkah section.

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